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    HOWTO: XPlanet

    First of all, XPlanet displays the current daylight conditions in the world, as you desktop background.


    First of all, install XPlanet:
    $ sudo apt-get install xplanet

    Once installed, you have two options:

    1) Navigate to the xplanet folder and download some images to use for XPlanet. You will need to replace USERNAME with your user name.

    $ cd /home/USERNAME/.xplanet/images/
    $ wget
    $ mv land_shallow_topo_2048.jpg earth.jpg
    $ wget
    $ mv earth_lights_lrg.jpg night.jpg

    2) Install xplanet-images (thanks to mike998 for the info):

    $ sudo apt-get install xplanet-images
    Next, we need to stop nautilus from controlling the desktop:
    Applications > System Tools > Configuration Editor
    In the Configuration Editor, go to apps > nautilus > preferences and untick "show_desktop".

    Finally, we need to start XPlanet when we log in:
    System > Preferences > Sessions
    Click on the "Startup Programs" tab, and click on "Add". Enter "xplanet" (without the quotes) into the "Startup Command" text box, and click OK.

    Log out and back in, and you should see an image of earth as your background.
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