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Thread: Howto: Music album covers in Thunar Nautilus and everywhere!

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    This began as a tiny script and now I have a lot of ideas for it.
    If you just want to know what is this about then take a look at the screen shots:

    Thunar (CD theme):

    This is Nautilus with some vinyls (I can only post 8 images):

    The DVD theme is used by the imdb grabber (for firefox bookmarks) and the film grabber (for video files)
    Nautilus with a custom background:

    Nautilus again (picture avatars and photo theme) :

    YouTube Avatars

    tv-show grabber:

    The music widget (support drag and drop):

    mame Avatars in nautilus:

    comic Avatars:
    They can be bookmarked as shown on the screenshot:


    Avatar Factory is a bash script that creates shortcuts (Desktop Entry files) with eye candy icons that represent music albums, photo albums, DVD films, youtube videos, mame roms and more. When clicked the avatars can perform different actions as launching a video, start playing some music (compatible with many music players), open a folder, etc...
    They can be viewed in Nautilus, Thunar or any application that support Desktop Entry files.


    I have to say that I don't have any previous knowledge about programing. I have learned most of what I know by doing this script. If something is implemented in an inconvenient way just tell me. I am really a beginner at this.

    Check this post to see what a newbie I am:

    Thanks to the people there for helping me out with some very basic things.


    You can install it from the deb or the rpm package
    If you prefer to install it from the tar file follow the instructions in the README.
    Download (gnomefiles)


    You can use the graphic interface (zenity) from the applications menu but it is much more powerful to use the command line.

    From the command line:

    For instructions type:
    man avatar-factory
    For grabbers specific instructions and description type:
    avatar-factory -g grabber_name --help
    To get a list of available grabbers:
    avatar-factory -lg
    Automatic cover download (for the music grabber)

    You can check this posts about mass grabbing covers directly to the correct folders:
    Album Cover Art Downloader
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