I just found out about this. Been using Linux on and off for several years, exclusively for just over a year now, and Ubuntu for several months. Would love to get together occasionally with other Ubunters (?) to learn/teach/promote/chat.

My preferences would be a week night, 6:00 or later. First and Second Tuesday and Second Wednesday of each month are taken for me with other group meetings, and I'm usually climbing a mountain or something on weekends.

Break Espresso downtown is a great place for these kind of meetings. Big tables for groups, free wifi, and since they don't have much for food, they don't mind if you bring food over from Worden's, Taco Del Sol, or any of the other downtown eateries (as long as you buy your beverages from Break).

Either way though, it looks like there's more than one interested person, so lunaz... pick a time and place and I'm sure at least some of us will show up. Let's get together and make something happen.