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Thread: the day dell refused to sell a computer

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    the day dell refused to sell a computer

    UPDATE: I have talked with Dell, and they are going to sell the computer to me. The issue had less to do with the OS and more to do with a mis-inderstanding with the original order taker.
    I did have to order it through the home section of their order department, but I was able to place the order with a business card and received my tax exemption.

    Despite the small bump, Dell's customer service has been good, and I plan on buying more computers from them in the future. Assuming they continue to embrace open source!
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    I had a surreal experience with Dell today.

    My boss asked me to order a new computer for our small, non-profit business. Wanting to support Dell in their decision to sell computers with Ubuntu installed, I decided to order one.

    First, I talked to a small business representative, who informed me that I could not order one of the Ubuntu-based computers through the small business department. I had to go through the "home and home office" department.

    I called the Home office department. I asked the representative if I could buy one of the ubuntu computers for my company. She said (and I quote), "these Dell computers are designed for personal use only, as long as you use it for personal use, you can purchase one."

    So I lied and said I would....

    Next, I tried to buy it on our business credit card. They would have none of that. She told me that I had to buy it through a personal card. Now, as a non-proft, our business does not pay sales tax (10% in Tennessee). Had I bought it with my own card, I would have had to pay tax (~$90), which my company would not have reimbursed me for. Dell today.

    I really wanted to support Dell and I am just blown away that they would REFUSE MY MONEY because I was buying it to use for a business. What company goes around telling its customers how they can use their products? What business model does that fall under?

    More importantly, are they really supporting Ubuntu and Linux? They didn't seem too supportive to me.
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