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    I just did this for a laugh and didn't expect it to work. I went to using IE4Linux ( ) and tried to download Windows Defender, on Xubuntu. Of course, I was asked to do the Genuine Advantage test. I used the alternate authentication method (although IE4Linux does support ActiveX, which is used in the normal authentication method, if lower security settings are used), downloaded and then ran the genuine advantage application (which took quite a while to start). It gave me a code that I pasted into the authentication box, and to my surprise it verified me and forwarded me to the download page. This just goes to show how rubbish they're validation software is. I thought it was funny though, so I've uploaded a recording of it to rapid share, which you can get here:
    (the file is about 10MB, so it might take a while to get)

    Alternatively you can watch it on:

    YouTube - (courtesy of darkmaguss) (Various Formats) -
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