An interesting post in the Linspire forum:

I spent some time at Ubuntu's office in London two weeks ago. Thought I'd share this photo with the forum.

Kevin Carmony (CEO Linspire), Mark Shuttleworth (CEO Canonical/Ubuntu), Jane Silber (COO Canonical), Tom Hoyt (Dir or European Sales Linspire).

Mark and I are trying to find ways to work more closely together for the betterment of Linux and open source. For example, how to get their Rosette project and our IRMA project more closely aligned and helping each other.

We view Ubuntu the way Red Hat view's's a wonderful open source "lab" where development can freely take place. Linspire can then add the necessary things required for distribution by the commercial channel (licensed codecs for mp3, real, quick time, flash, jave, etc., as well as polish, ease of use, support, sales team, etc.).

Ubuntu and Linspire compliment each other very well, and we're excited to have forged a new relationship and work together.


Nice T-shirt Mark