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    New User Page


    Just wanted to let everybody know that I have added a Other Resources For Help And Education section to the NewUser page on the wiki.

    I posted about the Ubuntu New User Network, Classrooms, Florida LUGs and unofficial Ubuntu resources . These links could come in handy for some people.

    Have fun!
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    Exclamation Re: New User Page

    Just wanted to let new users know that the reference to Gaim Instant Messenger found on this page: ( may be a little confusing for you if you cannot find Gaim on your computer as instructed ... (depending on which version of ubuntu you are using).

    That is because Gaim was scrapped and the project is now known as Pidgin.

    If you do not see "Gaim" in your Internet menu, look for Pidgin instead.


    If you do see Gaim in your menu, uninstall it through this menu sequence:
    Applications > Add/Remove... (choice is at the bottom)

    1. Search for Gaim using the Search bar on top, then uncheck the box next to Gaim.
    2. Click on the Apply Changes button.
    3. Search for Pidgin and check that box.
    4. Again; Click on the Apply Changes button.
    5. Close the Add/Remove Applications window when it is finished.

    You will now find Pidgin in your Internet menu.

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