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Thread: installing R on an AMD64 machine

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    installing R on an AMD64 machine


    I've been trying to install R (the statistical software) in my PC. I'm working with Ubuntu 7.04 for AMD64 processors; I have not problem with the main program but I couldn't install any of the additional packages. It just doesn't work. I've read in the FAQ of R website, that the binaries sources are available for i386 and various Linux version, but only for Debian and AMD64. The additional packages are tested as well just for Debian...

    Do I need to change from Ubuntu to Debian to fix this problem? Are someone here who was installed additional packages of R in an AMD processor using Ubuntu?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: installing R on an AMD64 machine

    How are you trying to install the R packages? Are you using 'R CMD INSTALL' from the command line? If not, run '?INSTALL' from within R for an explanation, or check out:

    Also, consider '?install.packages' from within R. This is a great way to retrieve or sync installed packages with CRAN.

    I'm sure this is possible. Many of the labs I work with use AMD64 with an extensive suite of R libs.


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