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Thread: Intel Turbo Memory? (Or "Robson"?)

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    Intel Turbo Memory? (Or "Robson"?)

    Is this hardware designed specifically for Windows Vista?

    Undoubtedly many Linux users will use laptops, does anyone know if Linux utilises this technology? Does Linux even need it? If so does/will Ubuntu support it?

    I have hear from Mac fanboys that Vista is currently the only OS that supports it.

    Not that I have this kind of hardware in my laptop now, just wondering how things are going in Linux.
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    Re: Intel Turbo Memory? (Or "Robson"?)

    I heard somewhere that the Linux kernel has the framework to support it, and has had this framework for a couple of versions. So all that's needed is an actual driver for whatever hardware drives this flash memory stuff - if any at all.
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    Re: Intel Turbo Memory? (Or "Robson"?)

    could you explain how to activate the support of this extra memory!
    because it might be cool to speed up the boot
    or just to use as swap...


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    Re: Intel Turbo Memory? (Or "Robson"?)

    I am thinking about getting a Lenovo x61s and have been evaluating if this is worth getting. It seems that the answer is probably no.

    If I were to get this, I think I would use it as a swap device. Perhaps that goes against its stated goal of acting as a drive cache, but my memory utilization tends to be high because I must often run vmware and generally need gobs of memory around.

    Plus, setting up multiple, prioritized swap partitions is . I don't have tons of time to maintain my system, so if I'm going to utilize it, I want it to be easy to deal with.

    There is a Slackware thread about this.


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