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Yes, it is x86_64. The .debs are called amd64, just for confusion.

In my experience, the ia32linux libs were not enough. I also needed some gtk libraries at al. How are you going to test the amd64 package? I'd love to volunteer, but I use this 64-bit computer for "production" so I can't experiment with removing libraries etc.

Also, what are your thoughts on integrating Lightning in ubuntuzilla?
hm, well, the testing for the supporting libraries has been done before by others - which resulted it the "help" item for 64bit users on the ubuntuzilla site (check it out, it's there toward the end)
i just added those dependencies into the .deb - everything else stays exactly the same as the i386 version.

about lightning - my understanding is that it is just an extension for thunderbird... so once you install thunderbird using ubuntuzilla, you can just go and download the lightning extension, and install it on thunderbird like any other extension? why would ubuntuzilla need to do anything about it?

i appreciate your willingness to help with testing, and i totally understand your reluctance to mess with a production machine. thanks for the thought, anyway.