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Thread: How to sticky post section

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    How to sticky post section

    Id like to see a sticky forum section. Where a client may take his long thread to solve a specific problem and create a solution or even possibly post the hole thread with a summery with a new descriptive mane into a sticky. This would then be submitted to be posted in the sticky sections. Also links to the original threads would be inportant.

    This would be a sticky selection of tips and tricks and solutions wich main power would be a searchable solutions section with specific solutions. Getting a sticky could give you a bonus capachino cup on your ratings lol.

    The only problem I could see would be a post with 10 pages of posts but even then you know the solution is within.

    This may greatly help with forum support.

    Also could you use sticky headers aimed specificly for the search option?

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    Re: How to sticky post section

    Um just a quick add on and idea tweek. Thought of a listing of stickys and how to's in quicklinks. This would allow for more how to tips etc without cluttering up the pages with stickeys. Sort of have your stickeys and accepted and very usefull how to's


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