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  • Any person can install it on any computer without any problems

    1,609 34.95%
  • Anyone can use it once it's already been installed and configured

    2,414 52.43%
  • Every commercial application works on it

    453 9.84%
  • Nothing--it's a nonsensical term

    704 15.29%
  • It automatically detects most hardware without the need to hunt down drivers

    2,236 48.57%
  • It comes preinstalled on computers so novice users don't have to install it

    889 19.31%
  • It's suitable to the needs of most beginner users but not necessarily to most intermediate ones

    568 12.34%
  • Windows and nothing else... not even Mac OS X

    46 1.00%
  • Works on my desktop

    1,199 26.04%
  • Other (please explain)

    166 3.61%
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Thread: Linux Desktop Readiness Thread

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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Hes right about the "not for the normal household family" but not just this distro but every distro and even if it gets easy to use not much ppl would use it cause its free i know it sounds nuts but ppl like to belive that old saying "you get what you pay for"

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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Quote Originally Posted by thenewone
    "you get what you pay for"
    If you want you can buy Ubuntu from me for $1000!

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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Heres an also verry VERRY easy guide:

    Automatix is probably easier, i havent tried it, but have a look at that link if you want to learn how to do stuff in ubuntu.


    Remember, your always one "apt-get install" away from getting quality software.

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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Quote Originally Posted by Prasad007
    is there no executable for linux like .exe ?
    why do u have to always use the console?
    why wont they add it like that like in windows... ?
    Heres my linux:

    why cant your windows look like this =)
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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    I read this tread and for sumup it looks like linux is very good for chalange or to make somehow all things working.

    In windows you instal OS insert cd with mp3 and u are lisenig mp3 and some users have fun, because they are lisening to music.
    In linux you try to instal OS, usucesfully...then you go to FAQ read few hours..then you redownload and reburn OS CD. Then u sucessfully instal OS and you can say YEESSSSSS!!! AAAA UHUUUU III YESSS!!! So you are having fun. Then u insert mp3 cd and...some cd icon on desktop double-click see song names...doble click...ERROR. then you go to forums, read fow hours...then instal some codecks - smodeks. And mp3 starts and you can say
    YEESSSSSS!!! AAAA UHUUUU III YESSS!!! So you are having fun again. But you are not lisening to music because it is midnight and you are going to sleep.

    So people can make their choice: some people like music and they prefer first choise some people also like music, but they want 3*fun so they use linux.

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    Re: Ubuntu is NOT READY for Edgy anything!

    Quote Originally Posted by dpower
    To a certain extend I feel that peoples expectations of Ubuntu are mismanaged, i.e.- who is it for?
    I'd have to say "human beings", as that's the official tagline for Ubuntu. I guess people can interpret that any way they like, but my impression of the intended meaning is that Ubuntu is meant for regular people - not just geeks and techies (or people aspiring to become geeks or techies).

    Since you asked the question I'd like to know: Who do you think it's for?
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    Roy W. Andersen
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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Quote Originally Posted by jchutcheson
    You know I thought when I first started to use a computer with windows xp , I thought this is going to be difficult , Well after trying ,trying , I finally got really good with this OS , Now with this Linux OS , All I can say is WOW , There no way in the world will this OS ever get publicize in the normal household family , Its not for the average novice user . Something that should be VERY VERY easy to do , installing java is impossible with this OS , Everyone so far , and I thankful for your time to assist but so far I have seen everyone has different ways to install java , there no one simple way to do this , with step by step instruction , From the begiining to the end ,Everyone seem to just add the methods as to how its done but there no one person yet and I have try to serach for this but none yet that provides from the beginning to the end as to what should be done one at a time like you would find in Windows , So with that being said , Its time for me to pass this OS off and hit back to something that is really simple to use ( Windows xp )

    PS: Thanks everyone that try to help !! But its going to be a very long time before it gets recognize as a choice to choose OS
    I'm confused, have you given up or not? was your whinge just a way of getting attention?

    Seems you have discovered automatix and how easy it actually is. Someone also suggested Synaptic, which is the way i installed java. Exactly 2 'clicks' and done!
    Just because there is more than one easy way of doing it doesn' t mean it is hard.
    So, have you given up yet? or are you staying with Ubuntu now? if so please aplogize


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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    oh my golly, just because a guy who's new to ubuntu says he gets up, this becomes the most popular thread in the forum!!! i just popped over to have a look....

    well im a newbie too, but i'm all up for it and i see it as an adventure (i've only been using ubuntu for about a month so maybe you've had more time to get pissed off at it.... and i don't want to offend any happy ubuntu users by saying that)

    by the way, as this is such a popular thread, could anybody check out my two questions i've posted??? cus nobody's replying.... one's about sounds on amsn and another one about using labtec webcams on linux

    i wish what-his-name (the person who gave up on linux) good luck, but especially courage! and it's shameful you gave up. but i respect your decision, as a newbie

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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    Hey folks

    I am still a linux /ubuntu NOOB as well. I agree that just because I couldnt do it dosent mean it cant be done.

    When I first rolled out ubuntu, I thought it was a breeze, actually worried that it was way too easy. I got everything configured pretty fast. All I had left was to update some apps and <firefox> and configure some peripherals; printers, wireless card, and devices.

    the hardest stuff was the app updates and the wifi. It took the longest time and me rereading the instructions and googling. But eventually it did work!. I did get automatix to install, and configured the wifi card! You just have to persevere.

    I agree that linux may not be for everyone. Some people are comfortable doing things a specific way. My opinions are, if I have options, I plan to use them.

    for those people who are frustrated that their ubuntu/linux distro isnt working the way they expect, my suggestion is check out other distros. I believe that if you are familiar with the hardware components of your pc, the install should be fairly painless. Also, having a 'beater box' 1 that you dont do production work on is quite helpful.

    I am currently evaluating Solaris10, kubuntu and fedora simultaneously.
    I know there will be some 'tweaking' on my part to get it to work properly, but
    I am in no rush, actually I think the more I rush the more mistakes I make.
    I like that kde is available on those distros as well. Ive had great luck with Gnome and thought I would try something different.

    For many newer noobs, please remember, linux does not require you to have the coolest baddest newest pc. Many of the distros will work just fine on legacy equipment. Actually I think linux prefers it that way, much more established and supported.

    I understand that .exe's are a no brainer in windows, and its a whole new ball game with linux, but in ubuntu, use apt get or the synaptic? installer works just fine. there are times when the cmdline is much easier then
    doing it through the gui... I think the biggest hurdle was getting apt get and automatix to work. after that, it was easy as eating pancakes! <g>

    and finally, I know I dont know everything about linux or ubuntu, but cussing and screaming wont help. Work the problem and not the emotion... People here are pretty cool, and usually help when they can. Besides, Linux is Free.
    maintained and supported by people like us. No OEM's no COA's no licensing issues...

    just my .02 cents


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    Re: Well I give up with this OS

    I'm pushing 80 and I can't remember when I've had more I'm not a computer guru, getting my 1st computer just a few years ago.. But I DO LOVE A CHALENGE and ubutntu is that........what a great experience! Stick with it and enjoy the discoveries you will make........better than ice cream...

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