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Thread: Quick gimp question (drawing rectangles)

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    Quick gimp question (drawing rectangles)


    I Had quick question on gimp, and hoped that someone might be able to give me some pointers.

    How can i create an unfilled rectangle, etc shape?

    This is something simple that I sadly have not been able to figure out in gimp yet. In Photoshop there is a tool available to do this in one click. In gimp, the only way I have been able to figure out how to do this is to make a selection, convert it to a path, and then paint the path.


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    Re: Quick gimp question (drawing rectangles)

    To make a rectangle, you can just use the rectangular selection tool, draw a rectangle, then go to Edit > Stroke Selection (or similar) at the bottom and stroke your selection.

    As for custom shapes, you'll have to make them yourself using the path tool. Once you've made your path, either paint the path, or turn the path into a selection and stroke the selection.

    You can also find some shape brushes as well.


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    Re: Quick gimp question (drawing rectangles)

    I would recommend adding a new layer first, and then creating the rectangle with the rectangle select tool on the new layer. That way you can play around with it, and move it easily move it around etc., without worrying about anything else that you are working on.

    With the rectangle select tool, you can specify the exact size in pixels, or just free select, or create one with a specific aspect ratio. These options are in the tools options for the rectangle select tool.


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