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    Arizona LoCo Team Info

    Welcome to the Arizona LoCo Team Forum!

    Ubuntu-Arizona Loco Team - The Hottest Loco on Earth!

    Who is the Arizona LoCo?

    We are a group of Ubuntu Linux users and enthusiasts from all walks of life. We reside in Local Communities in the State of Arizona. Our team goals are to help educate and increase the awareness and use of Ubuntu Linux and Open Source in the State of Arizona. We will strive to educate ourselves in these fields so that we may better assist those who show an interest in our knowledge. Our Community Projects will be geared so that we return to the Community more than we receive, and we will always endeavor the live up the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

    What is a LoCo Team?

    From the Ubuntu Wiki

    A LoCo Team is a Local Community of (in our case) Ubuntu users. A LoCo can involve a lot of things such as local promoting, support in the local language, general support to local users and much more. Most importantly however, it lets people find other Ubuntu users near them.

    If you live in Arizona, and strive to adhere to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, WE WANT YOU!

    Here are some links for those interested in the Arizona LoCo team

    AZ Team Wiki page


    IRC: Channel #ubuntu-us-az

    To subscribe to the Arizona Team Mailing List:

    To join the Arizona Team on Launchpad:

    Team Meetings: The Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team meetings are scheduled for every Sunday at 9:00 pm on IRC Channel: #ubuntu-us-az Server:

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact a team member in our team channel in IRC.
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    Ubuntu Arizona LoCo Team - The Hottest LoCo on Earth!
    ArizonaTeam Wiki | Arizona Launchpad | Membership
    IRC Channel: #ubuntu-us-az


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