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Thread: Image Burning Problem

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    Image Burning Problem

    Today i tried to burn the dvd image of ubuntu onto a dvd-r. So i used the build in 'CD/DVD Creator', and added my iso file to the list, it was all set up right, and when i clicked 'write' i get this error-

    There was an error writing to the disc:
    Unhandled error, aborting

    anyone know why?


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    Re: Image Burning Problem

    Not sure, happens to me also, would really like an answer. I can burn anything related to a cd, but nothing related to a dvd

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    Re: Image Burning Problem

    I don't know if you already have tried this, but did you attempt writing on the slowest speed available? In general, linux CDs and DVDs contain so many files that many burning programs (especially on windows) cannot handle them properly.

    If the problem persists on the slowest writing speed, my guess is this is a cd/dvd creator bug and not a hardware problem (in that case please report back here). In various forum I have seen people who regularly install feisty using the dvds without any problem, so the isos must be ok.


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