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Thread: Any One in New Mexico planning to post to this forum?

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    Re: Any One in New Mexico planning to post to this forum?

    Better late then never. =)
    "Nice jail. Looks strong."
    - H. Houdini

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    Re: Any One in New Mexico planning to post to this forum?

    very true

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    Re: Any One in New Mexico planning to post to this forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by dthomasdigital View Post
    Don't be to sad, we have a very robust Ubuntu group in New Mexico and LUG's all over the place. Your right are biggest fault is the forum. We have so much going on everywhere but here.

    here is our wiki

    We meet every Tuesday on IRC so come by.

    Also we will be having a convention and expo in December, hope you can make it.

    Talk at you soon....David
    Gosh David...thanks for the reply! Now I'm the one who waited forever between posts! I'm here now but kind of forgot about the forum and never followed thru. But I'm back in the swing of things now. It would be cool to meet some folks! Are y'all still having meetings and stuff? I noticed some of the folks are pretty spread out. It would be hard to meet somewhere accessible to all in person.

    And vrkalak, do you really commute from SF to the Q every day? Yikes! I couldn't do that!

    Hey, are any of y'all using Maverick? I just posted under another thread about it so I don't want to post it all over the place, but was wondering what other folks' opinions are. I usually end up having issues after upgrading, so I was resisting this one, but was kind of reading around the internet to see what folks were saying, and then I just decided I might as well do it. I haven't had time to really see many differences, but in my case that's good...means nothing seems to be broken! *so far!* I know the photo viewer app is different...but I don't know what else really.

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