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I love this idea, I live in the CT area as well. One thing that we need to take into account is that for Cogan Fairs there is usually some kind of a vendor fee. Although I'm pretty sure he's not in charge anymore, I used to know Mr. Cogan-- maybe well enough to ask for permission to setup a table. I have 1-3 computers I could bring as demos. Let me know.
I first posted about Cogan Fairs on the Projects Page, so some people may have missed the original message. There is a vendor fee for regular vendors, but they are offering a free table to promote Linux. I guess they feel that because people will be volunteering and not making a profit, they will not charge for it. It is one standard size table, I think about six feet long, but I am not sure. The next show is in New Haven on June 9th. Do you plan to go?