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Thread: New CAD Project

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    New CAD Project

    Last year I was going to create yet another text editor, but a friend of mine said that wasn't a good idea, because there are plenty of free text editors out there. He suggested making a CAD program.

    The idea just sunk in. I had thought about making a CAD program before, but at the time I talked to my friend I was just discovering the plethora of available programming language options, so I was more interested in development tools. Now I am interested in doing non-computer sciency stuff like building furniture and playing around with draftings of cars, planes, and buildings. Along with the rekindling of these interests, I have just discovered Ubuntu. Now the ideas have converged - I'll make a cross-platform CAD program using my favorite programming language, Python, which ties right into the world's greatest linux distribution.

    So, in a nutshell, I am working on a CAD program in Python, that uses GTK+, libglade, and Cairo. Normally I would wait to say anything about it until I released at least an alpha, but I decided to start a project blog so people can follow the early development stages. You can check it out at I should be getting a subversion repository at this week. For now I plan to release the code under the Apache 2.0 license, because there are GPL-incompatible libraries I will probably want to use.

    Also, I'd be happy to discuss things here. Please feel free to give me ideas. Inevitably there will be some feasibility comments as well...

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    Re: New CAD Project

    good lucky man!

    Hope we can use your software someday and say "Man, this cad software rox!"


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