There’s something new in Launchpad this week: mentoring.
The Ubuntu community is proof that free software works best when we work together. It’s not always easy for new participants to get started, though.
Launchpad’s new mentoring framework is a simple way to help new community members learn the ropes. With it you can:
  • Offer to mentor people who want to fix a bug or implement a blueprint.
  • Provide a list of items that are relevant to your project and for which mentorship is available.
  • Provide a list of items that would be a good starting point for someone who wants to join one of your teams
  • See what mentorship offers individuals are currently making.
Mentorship can be offered by anybody who is a member of at least one team on Launchpad as it is entirely based on commitments made by individual team members. Projects using a bug tracker other than Launchpad can easily use this facility to synchronise their projects.
You can find out more in the Launchpad guide to mentoring management.
The Launchpad team have been busy elsewhere, too! With three new code release recently, there’s a whole load of new features and bug fixes. Full details are in the release notes.