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Thread: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

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    Re: SSHFS AUTOmount on Feisty

    I got a bit of a weird problem. I followed the How-To and had everything working perfectly. I was away this week, and was able to access files on my server from the hotel easily.

    I was working in my office this morning, listening to some music located on my server. I left for lunch, and when I got back, I noticed the the icon for the MusicOnServer was gone. All the others (Movies, Fun, E-Books) were still there. I stop the network and restarted it, I rebooted the computer, nothing worked.

    When I try to run the mount script manually, I get a message stating that /media/MusicOnServer failed to mount as #1000.

    I then logged onto the server with sftp (through Gnome), and checked the properties of the folder...It shows #1000.

    I'm not sure of what to do next.


    Ok, after posting here, I went and looked in /media/MusicOnServer. There was a folder. I deleted it, ran the mount script, and it's back!
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