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Thanks! Is that reliable, the installation of GRUB to boot Windows? From my experience with it, Windows tends to get a bit precious about anything else modifiying bits of it, and then it'll refuse to work, leading to spending 20+ hours doing a reinstall which I'd like to avoid.

It's Windows XP Pro if that makes any difference.
Well, of course there's no cast-iron guarantee, and you should definitely back up all important data before doing something major to your system like this, just in case. That said, I've done this a couple of times with no problems, and haven't heard of many cases where the Grub installation messed up. The Ubuntu installer seems to do a pretty good job. Just take it slowly and carefully.

Here's a good guide:
Starting from Unetbootin you'll be doing something close to the "alternate" install referred to a bit down the page. (There's lots of good advice on that site.)