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Thanks for adding CentOS 5.1 in!!!! Ubuntu based Linux may be known well here, CentOS rules the SMB and Corporate sectors I work in because it IS Red Hat MINUS the logos. Same exact RPMS, built from same RPMS, etc - just logos changed. It is very nice also. I basically use it because it IS what pays the bills - Microsoft and Red Hat contract work I do pays the bills

Tuxcantfly - excellent work and options you have provided the community with your useful tool. Any possibility is having a freedos version or even DOS (for machines with no OS) - I know "noone" may be using DOS/FreeDOS anymore, but what if someone does not want to install Debian (due to the longer more elaboarate install process) just so they can install UNETBOOTIN. With DOS based install - it just format /s on the C: drive. And then just copy a DOS/FreeDOS version of UNETBOOTIN over the C: drive and execute, reboot, and voila (so much faster than Debian install)...to your chosen Liunux distro ready for installation...just an idea. Better yet, an option to install/execute from a Linux based LiveCD - that would be even better. Thanks again!
Sorry, don't have access to DOS at the moment (nor do I know anything about its bootloader), but if all you want to do is initiate a Linux install starting from DOS, try loadlin.exe (it lets you load the LILO bootloader, which in turn can load the kernel and initrd for the netboot kernel and initrd for installation), or if you prefer GRUB over LILO, supposedly "grub.exe" from the GRUB4DOS package can do the same thing; just copy over the menu.lst, kernel, and initrd from UNetbootin, and load them with grub.exe from DOS.