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Thread: Howto: Install Ubuntu without a CD

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    Re: "Cannot find GRLDR in all devices" error using UNetbootin

    Quote Originally Posted by Grimly Fiendish View Post
    Ok, after baby-sitting the installation for hours and all appeared to be going well...

    Until, at the end, got this error saying didn't know where to install GRUB - No options semed to be acceptable or workable so selected 'finish installation'.

    Laptop now bricked - 'Cannot find OS' or something and no way (as yet, anyway) of booting into machine.

    I'm not complaining (I knew the risks) but, Jeez, this whole *ix stuff has a long way to go (someday, I'm sure it will get there).

    I speak as a developer of long standing (MS/SQL Server/Oracle) so I'm not technically inept but this has been a dispiriting experience.

    Anyway, anyone got any ideas as to how I might be able to resusicate apparently dead laptop (bearing in mind CD is kaput)?

    Whoa, that doesn't sound good, seems like the GRUB configuration is screwed up (I suspect it has something to do with the awkward partition layout confusing GRUB), anyhow just re-install GRUB using the Super Grub Disk; see for downloads; use either the floppy version or the USB flash drive version (you'll need access to another computer to write the image to a floppy or flash drive), then just change the boot order to boot from floppy/USB drive, then use the "repair GRUB" option on the Super Grub Disk (details at ) and it should work then
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