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I used this to successfully install Feisty. I know I ought to have thought of it myself but I think a mention of "have your IP-address-gateway-dns-server-info at the ready" should be included in the howto. That being said the installation went like a charm once I had rebooted and collected the needed info.

The Windows bit is perfect: you run it (takes two seconds) and don't have to do anything part from OK'ing a reboot. Once you're done and boot into Windows again, you're presented with an uninstaller which works just as elegantly simply. As for the actuall installation process, it's pretty much the same as using the text-based alternate install cd. As long as that doesn't frighten you, I'll definitely recommend this.

One slight annoyance was that the installation process was halted halfway through to ask what desktop was required (ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/etc.) I would have prefered to see this at the start with the other installation choices so that the installer could be left on its own for the some 30 minutes the process took.
It does not work for me, I am trying to install Ubuntu in a 'Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop' with Win98SE 0n it, No CD-Rom, 64 MB RAM, it has 2 partitions Win98SE uses 2 GB and the other is a 7 GB for now as logical partition, all it does is bounce back to windows asking if want to unistall 'Wubi-7.04-netboot'.
Please advice. Thanks.