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Thread: Automatix-friend or foe?

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    Automatix-friend or foe?

    As a reader of this forum for a couple of months ,the thing that seems to polarise other readers more than anything else is "Automatix".I would be grateful if members would give me their reasons.
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: Automatix-friend or foe?

    Moving this thread to Community Cafe.
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    Re: Automatix-friend or foe?

    "Automatix" is a collection with Audio/Video Codecs, Hardware (like printer postscript) drivers, and some applications with automatic installation. Actually all these packages can be installed by the user manually and that is much safer. Because first of all, different people have different systems with different environment, hardware, processor, memory, etc. When someone make a package there is no gauranty that it will work for all systems. This might cause failure and tourbles in future. Secondly, when you use something like "automatix", "easy-ubuntu", etc. you don't usually know what packages it has installed, and what problems might have been made during installation. It might cause that your system doesn't operate fine in future.
    However, some people (mojority of them are newbies) want to have all features in their OS work in a very short time after installation and they don't effort to learn it. Well, there is no problem with that. As a matter of fact, learning linux is not easy when you want to start it. So, they use some stuffs like Automatix/EasyUbuntu/etc..
    I personally think people may use those, but they should remember to respect the freedom of linux and the community... For example: I have seen this alot that someone have a problem and some people's comment on it is:
    just install automatix

    People here in this community should notice that many people (especially in beginners page) come here to learn something, not to just fix a problem then have many other problem regarding the automatix like software they have used, becuase some other people didn't bother themselves to teach the real way to fix their problem. However, I don't want to go trough this again; they have been a lot of similar conversation before like:
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    Re: Automatix-friend or foe?

    not again...

    if ever you are answering the forum, try to instruct them with the use of synaptic or via ADD/REMOVE.
    if someone suggest automatix, try not to say bad things about autoamatix.

    if someone is having a confusion on to automatix or not, direct them with correct way not the automatix way, but don't say bad things about automatix.

    in ubuntu, automatix is a friend not a foe, but not a best friend either.

    just a thought

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    Re: Automatix-friend or foe?

    I suggest you use the search function and look up Automatix.

    I am going to close this thread.
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