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Thread: previous account?

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    previous account?

    About a 1 & 1/2 years ago I had a forum account. I have since changed e-mail addresses several times , moved from one state to another. I had forgotten the password to the old forum account and created a new account last year. I am trying to find the old account as I would like to use that join date. I can provide the user name and all the e-mail addresses if need be. Trying different passwords today and the old user name caused me to have a forum lock out today. i do not mean any harm, just trying to figure out the old account. Going through old book work today brought it to my attention. Thanks for any assistance you can provide in helping me find this old account possibly getting rid of one of them. Regards, Dougie
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    Re: previous account?

    It is possible to merge two accounts together.

    Send me a PM, and we can discuss the options.
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