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Thread: Debian Women

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    Debian Women

    From the site:

    " The Debian Women project was founded in May 2004. We seek to balance and diversify the Debian Project by actively engaging with interested women and encouraging them to become more involved with Debian. We will promote women's involvement in Debian by increasing the visibility of active women, providing mentoring and role models, and creating opportunities for collaboration with new and current members of the Debian Project. We welcome the involvement of all people who are interested in increasing the participation of women in Debian.

    Our activities include the following:

    * Running a mailing list for discussion of related issues.
    * Running an IRC channel for discussion of related issues, technical questions and to allow women who are interested in contributing to Debian to meet each other and some of Debian's current contributors.
    * Organising BOF discussions at Linux conferences, to promote discussion of issues facing women and their involvement in Debian and Linux.
    * Giving talks at conferences, universities, LUGs and schools.
    * Actively encouraging and educating the Debian community to increase understanding of the specific issues facing women who wish to contribute more to Debian."

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    Re: Debian Women

    Is this has the same vision as Ubuntu Women project in this forum?


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