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Thread: Linuxchix courses

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    LinuxChix courses

    Current Courses:
    * GIMP - An introduction to image editing with the GIMP.
    * Computing Careers - A discussion of computing careers. currently on hiatus
    * Linux Commands - An introduction to some useful Linux commands currently on hiatus

    Past courses:
    * Programming in C - Learn the C programming language.
    * Linux Kernel Hacking - Learn how to write and debug Linux kernel code
    * Security - Learn how to secure your Linux box.
    * Python - Learn to program in Python.
    * LaTeX - Learn the LaTeX markup langauge.
    * Perl - Learn to program in Perl.
    * Home networking - Learn basic home networking for all distributions.
    * Domain names - This course is aimed at people interested or possibly interesting in buying and using a domain name who do not know much about the process.
    * Running a small business - A guide to starting and managing your own business
    * Firewalls - An introduction to the theory and use of Firewalls
    * UNIX filesystem - This course will teach you about the UNIX filesystem. That's the name given to the way that the UNIX operating system organises its files and directories, and makes them available to programs. You will learn about how this filesystem is mapped onto physical devices (hard disks, CD-ROM drives), "fake" devices (heard of "/proc", even used it a bit perhaps, but don't know how it works?), and even other machines over the network.

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    Re: Linuxchix courses

    Great link! I'm always looking for more GIMP tutorials. They have a great section there on layers and masks. sweet...



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