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Thread: How To Make Firefox UI Use System Fonts

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    How To Make Firefox UI Use System Fonts

    Most application windows in Gnome use the system font which is set via Preferences > Fonts. The font family and font size can be set for:
    • Application font
    • Document font
    • Desktop font
    • Window title font
    • Fixed width font

    However, the Firefox User Interface (UI) is not controlled by these system settings. The appearance of the Firefox UI is controlled by Firefox's own XUL code. XUL is basically a combination of XHTML, CSS and Javascript. The UI appearance is styled using CSS. CSS controls the appearance & some behavior of windows, dialogs, font sizes, font family, and more.

    Thus, to make Firefox look like other application windows, such as Nautilus, all one need do is create and/or edit one file. In your Home directory is a folder for Firefox. On Debian, the folder is:

    Inside the xxxxxxxx.default directory is another directory called:
    /chrome and inside the chrome directory is a file called:
    Open this file in a text editor and you will see instructions/examples of how the Firefox UI can be changed. Many things can be changed and many are documented at the Mozilla Web site here:

    This HowTo demonstrates how to change the Menus in Firefox so they use the same font as other application windows in Gnome. The system font I prefer for Application windows is Trebuchet MS size 10, which is a Windows TTF in the package msttcorefonts. It's a "clean-looking" font and easy on my eyes. But any font can be used here so long as the font is installed on your system.

    • Add this code to your userChrome-example.css:
      /* menus */
      menubar, menubutton, menulist, menu, menuitem {
        font-family: Trebuchet MS !important;
        font-size: 3.5mm !important;
    • rename userChrome-example.css to userChrome.css
    • open Firefox or close & restart Firefox if already opened.
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    Re: How To Make Firefox UI Use System Fonts

    thanks very much for this!


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