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  • I upgraded to Feisty and everything is fine.

    309 22.25%
  • I upgraded. Had a few problems (drivers, hardware, etc) but got them fixed.

    169 12.17%
  • I upgraded. Had/Still having a lot of problems

    205 14.76%
  • I did a clean install and everything is fine.

    336 24.19%
  • Did clean install. Had a few problems (drivers, hardware, etc) but got them fixed.

    152 10.94%
  • Did clean install. Had/Still having a lot of problems.

    218 15.69%
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Thread: Feisty Poll

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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    I attempted an upgrade from a heavily custom edgy. It took forever to download all the packages, and it then hung up on "Installing powernowd config file"

    I had to boot to recovery mode, burn the iso I had downloaded from the cli, and do a fresh install. My home is on a seperate partition, so it is just a matter of reinstalling the apps I need.

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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    I have encountered few bugs

    1) Synaptic proxy authentication integration - This is there in both of my fresh install box and upgraded box (from edgy)

    2) Video does not work with Desktop Effects enabled - This is there only in my fresh install box

    3) No Beryl Menu Icon to start Beryl and also no Beryl Panel Icon - This is there only in my fresh install box

    Other than these for my fresh install box, things are good.

    It seems that Upgrade is working better than Fresh Install
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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    I did a clean install, and in hind-sight, it really was easy. BUT... I thought there was something wrong. I WAS WRONG. Read on...

    During the install, the computer hung at 85%. I waited quite some time and convinced myself that the install had hung. I reset the box and started again. Again, Hung at 85%. No activity on the drives for what felt like way too long. Hit reset again. You guessed it. Hung at 85%. Went to kitchen, got cookies (chips ahoy) and a glass of 2% milk. Sat down and looked at the screen. Hung at 85%. Smiled and said to myself, I'm glad I'm doing this on a clean hard drive, and took solice in the fact that Edgy sits waiting for me, and all I have to do is plug that SATA drive's data cable back in and hit reset.

    Found the remote for the TV, called my lovely girlfriend and just about the time I was going to power off the box and switch cables I hear drive activity. Feisty returned from the land of the lost and completed the install. Those cookies tasted just a little better right about then.

    Ok, so I voted for Clean install with a few problems, but actually, my impatience and lack of faith was the only problem.

    I must add that I was expecting the ATI Radeon X-Windows issue I read about yesterday. Didn't happen. I even got beryl running on the first try.

    My Hardware:

    Home built: AMD Sempron 2800+, ECS Nforce3-A, ATI Radeon X1300 Pro with 256Megs video memory. 1 GB DDR400 (single stick). On-board sound, on-board LAN, wired connection to RoadRunner high speed internet. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. 19 inch monitor running 1280 x 1024 at 75Hz.

    Everything worked.

    When I installed Vista on the same box, I struggled with networking and sound issues, when I installed XP on the same box, I went through 12 hours of cussing and throwing fits. MB issues, no audio, video card issues, networking was a nightmare.
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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    You know, I would, but I've never been able to figure out how to use launchpad. It seems designed to prevent bugs from being reported by anyone except the development team.

    How on earth can I GUESS what package to report this problem against? If you don't have the "correct" answer you can't report it, and if you "guess" wrong, they just blow off the problem.

    Perhaps the development team shouldn't expect us to do our own triage this way. They're the only ones with a CLUE what they've changed? I, for one, have NO IDEA what they've added to Feisty's boot process and they're not telling yet. How can any of us be expected to know what package is broken?

    How about a simple form for reporting bugs in layman's terms directly from this forum? I stopped reporting them about the time we switched to launchpad and the bug reporting process became a big secret that no one can find (it used to be an item iin the forum menus, but I guess they didn't like getting so many bug reports!).


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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    i have had enourmous xorg problems in edgy, but got them fixed with some extra xorg.conf entries, and now all i had to do was install the nvidia drivers in fiesty (couldnt boot into the GUI) and its fine

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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    fell asleep during the upgrade .. and it stalled on one of them popup questions.. hopefully by time i get home it'll be finished had to leave it to go to work.

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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    Superb stuff, did an upgrade from 6.10 everything works without any problems!!!

    I have an Acer Aspire 9500 with ATI Radeon Mobility x700 Graphics card and it works perfectly without any fiddling! This is the first Ubuntu release to work straight away for me!

    I'm very happy!

    Thanks to all the dev's for making this possible!

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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    I've done a clean install on i386 and upgrade on amd64 and both went without issue.

    It just works.


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    Re: Fiesty Poll

    The upgrade for me was horrible. I tried three times to upgrade. It hung downloading files everytime. I downloaded the ISO and installed from it and everything went fine. But the upgrade was a nightmare of errors.

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    Arrow Re: Fiesty Poll

    I have problems, too bad. I expected that it would all go fine knowing Ubuntu so far, but it didn't. Here's a list of all my probs:

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