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Thread: Double-booting Windows? Consider FAT32

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    Double-booting Windows? Consider FAT32

    What the heck, I may be the new kid on the block but our new Connecticut forum needs some stuff to read, so let me toss out a thought for the big Feisty Feasty this week:

    if you're double booting with Windows, and you don't have any files you want to save on your previous install, consider doing a fresh install on your old partition and using FAT32 as your file system. The Official Ubuntu Handbook says this will allow you to read from your Ubuntu partition in Windows (notice you can't even see it in Windows Explorer now?). You should even be able to copy files to Ubuntu (but it doesn't go both ways; you'll only be able to copy files from Ubuntu to Windows if your Windows is all FAT32 (like those funky Acer laptops) rather than NTFS, which ain't likely. (If you're going to encrypt your Vista laptop then don't bother, it probably won't help)

    This is the kind of tech tip we should in theory have enough "ubuntu" to share with the mega-forums, but things are a little chaotic and testy out there with all the newbies overwhelming the volunteers, so I'll share it with just us homies for now...
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