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sudo apt-get install numlockx
That is all there is to it. I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill on this one.
When did I make it into a mountain? I just don't understand where a simple click functionality in KDE isn't in Gnome, and you have to download an entire new program to get it to stick (and, according to the Ubuntu Guide--and maybe it's wrong--you also have to edit a config file).

As a side note:
I really do not understand why anyone would consider this to be such a hassle. I fear the day one can use Linux without ever touching the command line.
You fear the day? The day already happened! Linspire and Mepis already do this.

One of the most powerful things about Linux will be put to the side in favor of panes full of check boxes and wizards, which is arguably much less intuitive than a quick search for the right command and a copy-paste into a terminal. Then, once you know the command, you know it. It will then always be faster than going though some odd set of configuration panels in a hodgepodge GUI.
I love the command-line a lot, but it shouldn't be used for everything. Some things are good for checkboxes and wizards--others aren't. The command-line is good for:

1. Things you use a lot and for which it's easier and faster to type something than to click through some step-by-step process.
2. Complicated stuff that's hard to understand but that you can just copy and paste from a post in this forum.

I don't believe that should apply to wanting to have numlock on or off by default.

Didn't you read my thread Why I think the command-line is user-friendly?. You seem to think I'm some advocate for everything being point-and-click. Some things should be; others shouldn't.