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Thread: Welcome to the Ubuntu Illinois & Ubuntu Chicago Forums

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    Welcome to the Ubuntu Illinois & Ubuntu Chicago Forums

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Illinois and Ubuntu Chicago Local Community (LoCo) team forums.

    The purpose of these forums are to draw in users who are not familiar with the mailing lists and/or IRC.

    What is the purpose of Ubuntu Illinois and Ubuntu Chicago?
    • Ubuntu Illinois and Ubuntu Chicago are what are considered as local community teams. Unlike a Linux Users' Group, a LoCo team consists of Ubuntu enthusiasts who make it a goal to contribute, advocate, and support the Ubuntu Linux distribution as well as its partner projects locally to Illinois and Chicago.

    Why Illinois and Chicago, why not just Illinois?
    • Ubuntu Chicago was thought up by Mike Greenwood in April of 2006. The reason being there seemed to be a very large interest in the Chicago land area for Ubuntu enthusiasts. Due to Mike's rigorous schedule, Rich Johnson (nixternal) with the approval of Mike decided to make the team a reality. The other reason for a Chicago team was due to the locality, size, and population. The Chicago land area is an area comprised of 3 surrounding states, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. Due to the size of the Chicago land area the target population exceeds 9 million people. Due to this Ubuntu Chicago was created. Ubuntu Illinois is a brand new concept and team created by Rich Johnson (nixternal) in the first couple of months of 2007.

    How does one become a member?
    • Say hello on IRC, the mailing list, or these new forums. Checkout the "shoutout" thread to introduce yourself. Once you have done that, then you are a part of Ubuntu Illinois, or if you are in the Chicago land area, then you are apart of Ubuntu Chicago as well. The team is open to anyone no matter your age, race, sex, religion, or knowledge of the Linux operating system. Your motivation, your knowledge no matter the amount, and your time is valued by everyone in the community.

    What other forms of communication do you have besides these forums?
    [list]We have an Ubuntu Chicago mailing list which can be used by Ubuntu Illinois as well for the time being. A list has been requested and once approved the information will be posted here. Also Ubuntu Chicago and Ubuntu Illinois reside in a channel on IRC. The following information is what you are looking for.
    • Mailing List: ubuntu-us-chicago AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com (you must subscribe to the list prior to sending an email. This is to keep the spam out. To subscribe simply go to You can also read over the archives while you are there as well).

    • IRC: We are located on the Freenode server with the rest of the Ubuntu community. So direct your IRC clients (Gaim (pidgin), Kopete, Konversation, IRSSI) to the server and set your ports if possible to 8001. Once connection you want to join #ubuntu-chicago.

    If you or your business is interested in having a member of the Ubuntu Chicago or Ubuntu Illinois community speak at an event, please contact Rich Johnson (nixternal) at nixternal AT ubuntu DOT com.
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