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Thread: Sudoku on Ubuntu

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    Lightbulb Sudoku on Ubuntu

    I, as do many others, enjoy playing Sudoku.

    The native, GPL solution:
    There are two main games available for Ubuntu:
    gnome-sudoku and ksudoku

    The limitation of both these clients is very limited (if any) support for pencil marks. That said, here's how to install them:

    $  # if you have the kdesktop installed:
    $ sudo aptitude install ksudoku
    $  # if you have the default ubuntu desktop:
    $ sudo aptitude install gnome-sudoku
    The Non-GPL, yet still FREE solution which offers better functionality:
    My problem is that I like more advanced puzzles that require full pencil marking support to solve.

    My solution was to install a free windows Sudoku program, "Simple Sudoku" (

    Here's how I got it going: I downloaded Simple Sudoku from the above site to my home folder. The file name was "sudoku-setup.exe"

    I followed the directions to install wine located on the ubuntu wiki.

    Here are the commands I needed to get it up and running. It was seriously easy:
    $ cd                          # Gets us to our home dir where we have write permissions.
    $ sudo aptitude install wine  # install wine
    $ wine sudoku_setup.exe       # Install Simple Soduku.  :-)
    Myself, I run the K Desktop environment and Wine created a menu item for Simple Sudoku automatically.

    This article gives three options for people who want to play Sudoku on Ubuntu. I hope this helps people out there who play way too much Sudoku.

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    Re: Sudoku on Ubuntu

    FWIW, ksudoku has the best support for pencil marks I'd found (2nd button). I do like to set up the short cuts though (1=1,2=2, etc.). Once I do that and turn off the tracker option, I find the UI very fast.

    I've done the inverse of you, install vmware & kubuntu on windows boxes primarily to play ksudoku

    I'll check out Simple Sudoku next time I boot windows. I'm not sure if that's one of the ones I tried previously or not.



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