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Thread: Hello from the Beginners Team

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    Question Hello from the Beginners Team

    Hope all is going well. I have had some discussion with my team regarding inter teem cooperation and we are wondering if there is anything specific we can do to help out the Unanswered Team?

    We did have some discussion such as we will look at unanswered posts < 1 month in age.

    It might be helpful to know if you would want to set any specific policy.

    Peace be with you,

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    Re: Hollo from the Beginners Team

    There isn't anything specific to do. Basically, my thoughts are that if your team finds a beginner post that happens to be unanswered, go ahead and answer it. It you want to go with answering the unanswered as well as you said, that is fine. Our teams will be overlapping a lot.

    We're trying to leave the more recent postings to give your team a chance to answer them first, also. If they are left unanswered after 24 hours, it will show up in the search queue. See the search links sticky if you want to see what I mean.

    Hopefully I can schedule a first meeting this month, so we'll have some more knowledge on what we're doing and how to accomplish our goals, as well as how we can work with the Beginner and Hardware teams.



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