I sent this to Bonzodog:

Thanks for the vote of support (only joking), but I don't see what that'll achieve. If its more co-ordination, fair enough - just do it! We can write plans on the wiki all day and I have tried with grand plans to kick-start things before, but process is slow. I am in the middle of something at moment, so I can't devote very much time to UBIE, but I will July/August/September time. I also tried and failed to schedule a meeting, which one person proposed things to talk about, it was cancelled due to no one turning up! I am trying to get our website (a blog and wiki perhaps) which will be open ended contributory wise and not too dependent on one person, but again this is slow, Matthew Nuzum (I think that is the correct spelling) seems very busy and routed my question through Launchpad twice, then said we weren't an established LoCo team and to put a page on the wiki (whereas we have had a page since 2005!).

So if you want more organisation and involvement thats fine, do it through launchpad and the forum. Efforts have been made, and an election is almost certainly premature since we have no formal structure whatsoever. I was the first person to start the Loco team, get the forums, write the goals on wiki, get us our IRC room etc. and as such I was the default leader, but its really only a title.