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Thread: HOWTO: Encode video for a Cowon iAudio D2 (MP3 player)

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    HOWTO: Encode video for a Cowon iAudio D2 (MP3 player)

    I recently bought a Cowon iAudio D2. It's excellent player. It fits the bill very well for Ubuntu users as it's fully linux-compatible and has OGG support.

    Anyway, the only issue is that the software that comes with the player (JetAudio) for converting videos to a format that's playable on the D2 is Windows-only.

    Having spent a long time time experimenting with various settings, I've written a short script that should allow most users to simple right click on a file to transcode it into the right format.

    Before you start, you'll need transcode,ffmpeg and mencoder installed. If you don't already have them, the easiest way to install them is to use Automatix.

    To use the script, download it from here. Now drag the file into your ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts directory (you might need to show hidden files with Ctrl-H). Then right click on the file, go to Properties. In "Permissions" tab, make sure "Allow Executing File as Program" is ticked.

    You should now be able to right-click a file, go to Scripts and select "d2-convert" (this may take a minute or so to appear - it's not immediate after installation). This will convert the file for you and save it as D2-<oldfilename>.avi

    You can also select multiple files, and they will be queued. It's worth noting that I upgraded my firmware to 2.41 recently - so if you find it doesn't work for you, I'd try that.

    This script is a bit rough, so feel free to suggest improvements! I'm hoping to create a DEB installer to simplify the process - if I find the time!


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