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Thread: UCE as server?

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    UCE as server?

    Hi! As the principal of a small Christian school, I have been searching for free/inexpensive content filtering at the router level -- so all devices that use the school's network are filtered. Multi-level filtering would be wonderful, but cost is a MAJOR concern (sigh....)

    Dansguardian is wonderful, free for schools....and terribly difficult for me. I'm the de facto IT guy but the learning curve to install that is beyond my time constraints. I note SMS and ipfire distros which include content filtering -- but what about using UCE as a server? If we can route all internet traffic through a box loaded with UCE, tthen we would presumably have both ease of setup and ease of configuration. (That said, we do have some people willing to donate some time far more skilled than I, though not with Linux.)

    Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks.

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    Re: UCE as server?

    I've heard Squidguard is a good way to filter junk at the network access level, it's a tool not specific to UCE or any other distro.


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