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Thread: Free internet. As in, "Free Beer" AND "Freedom"

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    Re: Free internet. As in, "Free Beer" AND "Freedom"

    A good start is here:

    You might also look for detailed information about the OLPC's intention to actually do what we're discussing in real life with their cheap laptops, basing communication on the 802.11s standard (technobabble for "wireless mesh").

    Also, what if the entire content of the internet was treated the same as files are treated with P2P software. The key here is the allow a website to cache itself on someone elses computer, and then that users computer (which would multiply into 1000's of computers) would all share portions or all of any particular website.

    Say you visited You haven't visited it in a day or however long you want (for this little thought experiment). So, the first thing your computer will do is hit the DNS up and find the IP address for Yahoo's official servers. You download the webpage from them, but at the same time, are also able to download it from other users nearby, or anywhere else within the mesh, and you would do the same, passing on data that you've cached (See link below for a better explanation; the term used to describe this new concept is Dissemination Networking).

    This is actually the Internet will work pretty soon, wired or wirelessly. Data will be stored in vast multitudes of locations, instead of in one central location. I heard about this concept in this video:

    Key points about Dissemination Networking in the video:

    * Data is requested, by name, using any and all means available (IP VPN tunnels, zeroconf addresses, multicast, proxies, etc.)
    * Anything that hears the request and has a valid copy can respond.
    * The returned data is signed, and optionally secured so it's integrity and association with the name can be validated.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the above video/link, as the latter half of it is very relevant to current and future transformations of the Internet as we will know it.

    One other thought.... IPv6 should be utilized from the start, not IPv4. Just a thought.
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    Re: Free internet. As in, "Free Beer" AND "Freedom"

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