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    Getting Started

    OK, I am currently waiting on the mailing list to be set up as well as trying to set up the Alabama page in Launchpad, so we can keep a central list of members and track our progress. I will let everyone know when I get this complete. I am hoping someone will help me out soon with this and wee can get the ball rolling.
    For now just be sure to post here and check out the Feel free to add yourself to the list there if you wish. Or let me know and I can add you.
    Also be sure to hang out in the #ubuntu-alabama channel on If no one is there just hang out and there will be soon enough. I try to hang out there as much as possible.

    ** Update**
    I have the launchpad page set up. Please register at launchpad then be sure to visit the Alabama Team page and join the them!

    Mailing List -

    Launchpad -

    Team Wiki -

    irc Cahnnel - #ubuntu-alabama channel on

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