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Thread: Philly Ubunteros, we have an opportunity

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    Philly Ubunteros, we have an opportunity

    I just was talking to Joe_CoT from the NJ LoCo. He was giving me a heads up that he will be addressing PACS (The Philadelphia Area Computer Society) on May 19th about Ubuntu. I would encourage anyone near the Philly area to attend. I am trying to find out if we can get a table and be able to hand out disks and flyers. Joe_CoT thinks that there will be about 100 people there.
    is the website for PACS.

    Who'd be interested in attending and helping hand out disks and info (as well as answering questions)?
    - Bret
    Pennsylvania LoCo Team Contact

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    Re: Philly Ubunteros, we have an opportunity

    I will help. Where is it, I might need a ride unless it's close to the PATCO.


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