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Thread: Pre-release testers wanted

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    Re: Pre-release testers wanted

    if anyone's interested in installing a standard Ubuntu to a dedicated partition, rather than a loopmounted file, without using a CD, see here:

    Note that this version, wubi-netboot, isn't one of the official wubi releases, and has much less functionality (no autodetection); it was simply designed so that it can be possible to make a stock ubuntu install without a CD.

    Wubi-netboot is simply intended to be a temporary solution to provide the functionality of creating a real install on a partition, until Wubi has added these features

    Ask questions about wubi-netboot in the linked thread if you have issues

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    Re: Pre-release testers wanted

    7.04 minefield 3 is out. If wubi is allready working for you, there is no need to upgrade.

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