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Thread: -- IP theft?

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    13 -- IP theft?

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone else has looked at It's a site for a 3rd-level "teaching network" that involves most of the Irish 3rd-level institutions. It looks like it was founded in 2005 -- so it's newer than Ubuntu the distribution. It seems that there is no connection with the distribution apart from the name, text about philosophy, a strong similarity in the logo, and arguably the colour-scheme.

    In other words, does anyone else think this is blatant theft of the distribution's intellectual property? Has this ever been mentioned before (it's hard to google for)?


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    Re: -- IP theft?

    As far as I can see, it has nothing to do with Linux, operating systems, or computing, and since Ubuntu is an existing word (rather than an invented one) I don't think there's a problem. As I understand it, two companies can use the same word in their name if they aren't in the same industry. The philosophy is simply the definition of the word ubuntu, so I'd say that's fair game, too.

    Regarding the logo or colour scheme, that's a matter of individual opinion. The font in the logo is quite close alright, but I'm not sure the colour scheme is sufficiently similar to be cause for concern.

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    Re: -- IP theft?

    I don't think I would consider it theft, but it is rather myopic of them. I mean they obviously came across the word liked it and decided to use it, but never bothered to do a quick google.
    Someone searching for Ubuntu is never going to find them.
    I stand corrected I just tried ubuntu teacher and it came up number 1. didn't expect that.
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