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Thread: Oak Trees in Berkeley

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    Exclamation Oak Trees in Berkeley

    I'm not from US, let alone Cal But still, I think this is a genuine way to do some environmentalist work. So I thought I can promote it here:

    1. University of California wants to cut mature live oak trees, an ecologically significant element of Cal.

    2. These people are trying to stop the university before it is too late.

    3. To save them, they did a nude photo event (youtube), which, to me, is brilliant. What else will symbolize our relation to nature better than nudes hugging these creatures (link to their website).

    4. If you like the idea, you can tell your friends and send en email to the university (link to form) as well.


    PS. I have no relationship with the protesters. I just saw them on TV this evening.
    PSS. Image is copyrighted, but I do not think the photographer will mind it being shown for this goal.
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