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Thread: Commodore VIC 20 Copmuter

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    Commodore VIC 20 Copmuter

    I have a VIC 20 personal computer, with fairly complete original packaging, that needs a home (otherwise its destined for the bin).

    Its yours for the cost of shipping it from the uk (sheffield to be exact).

    Included will be:
    • VIC 20 personal computer (still fully working)
    • Tape drive
    • Power adapter
    • TV adapter
    • Super expander 3K RAM pack
    • Original manual
    • Diagram schematic of circuitry
    • Book of games for your VIC 20
    • A commodore Vicsoft catalogue
    • The VIC Revealed by Nick Hampshire
    • An introduction to Basic:~Part 1
    • Tape with some games on!

    Linus Torvalds cut his programming teeth on one of these you know....
    Please let me know if your interested, im loathe to throw it away but i have no use for it.
    For those with a wish to find out more about it see here:

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    Re: Commodore VIC 20 Copmuter

    Ok sure, PM me with how you want to go about the transaction.
    ~Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm talking about.


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