Hi all,


South Jersey Meeting:
I'd this one to be the week after next, probably Friday night or
Saturday afternoon (23rd or 24th). It'll probably be at a coffeeshop
(Coffeeworks in Voorhees, or Three Beans in Haddonfield). Let me know
when and where is good for you guys.

North Jersey Meeting:
I'd like this one to be the week after the South Jersey one, either
Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Even though I pass through most of
North Jersey 3 times a week, I have no idea where a good place to meet
is. Let me know when is good for you guys, and where we could meet.

I don't expect North Jersey people at the South Jersey meeting or
vice-versa, but you're certainly welcome if you want to come to both.
I'm also open for both being on the same weekend if people want it (ie
one Friday night, the other Saturday afternoon).

I also wanted an IRC meeting for both, preferably after both meetings,
which is dependant on when the other meetings are. It will probably be a
Sunday night.

Trenton Computer Festival.
I spoke to a coordinator there, and for now I'm working on the
assumption that we will have a spot there. I want to know who wants to
represent Ubuntu and the LoCo team there with me. I'd prefer people that
aren't already going there representing a lug, as I don't want to
detract from their presence. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday
assumably, so let me know if you're interested and what days you'll be

Feisty Fawn Installfest.
Should this be before or after the Trenton Computer Festival? Any
suggestions on a location, and when we should have it?

These are our first events. Be excited! I know I am.

Joe Terranova