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Thread: Introduction Request

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    Hardy Heron (Ubuntu Development)

    Re: Introduction Request

    Hello all,

    My name is Cesar
    29 years old
    Work as an auditor for an insurance company in Newark
    I am originally from the Bronx, NY
    Moved to South Plainfield New Jersey
    Married for almost 3 years now.
    To balance out all the time I spend riding a desk chair, I weight train and box.
    I would not call myself a movie buff, but I do enjoy all sorts of movies.
    I am more of a hardware guy then a software guy, but I am hoping to learn and change that.
    I actually bought a Zune and like it! GASP!
    I am going to have shoulder surgery next week and subsequently I am forced to stay home for a few days, I decided I wanted to use that time to install/learn ubuntu linux on my Dell Inspiron 1501.

    I am impressed with everything I have seen so far!
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    Talking Re: Introduction Request

    Hey guys.

    I'm Bryce. I'm 20 and started way back in the 8th grade with Mandrake 7 way back when. I have always had a linux on my boxen since then. I have installed 9 flavors of linux and win 98 (deca-boot) with lilo for the fun of it without destroying any data just for the fun of it. I've used Ubuntu since the beginning. My favourite mini distro is Puppy Linux. I don't have windows installed on any of my main computers. I know how to add probed hexcodes to the modules files to assign a piece of hardware to a particular driver. I work at a job that lets me play with linux guts and do some scripting and app packaging in windows.
    I'm a vim kinda guy for most editing, I've been on a bit of an emacs kick recently because it's required for my compilers class. There is only one good music player on linux and that's Amarok. I don't like KDE, I like Enlightenment and cannot wait till DR17 to be stable. I like GTK well enough and Gnome is a decent DE. I only play a few games. Terminal Velocity, FFVII, and soon FFVIII. I love Heroes, I don't have a TV so i just watch them online or download them.
    I love talking about linux and all sorts of geeky stuff. I shoot photography professionally with Laura Eaton Photography as an assistant. I use ImageMagick and some custom scripts to process my jpg's for proofing, I do raw processing in UFRaw and my image editing in GIMP.
    That's about it for now I hope to meet up with you guys later. Oh and I got to school at The College of New Jersey.


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    Re: Introduction Request

    My turn.

    My name is Allen.
    I live in Burlington, NJ. I hate living in NJ and want to move to somewhere else.
    I work on McGuire AFB.
    I drink occasionally.
    I smoke way too much.
    I've been married for nine years.
    I have three cats, three parrots, a dog, and three aquariums.
    I am a medic in the USAF
    I am 28 years old.
    I went to East Carolina University.
    I am pursuing a degree in Nursing.
    My favorite colors are black and red, although chocolate runs a close third.
    I have a PS2, a Sega Genesis, and a N64. I haven't played any of them in over a year. I have no desire to play video games, or to buy an XBox 360 or PS3, although the Wii looks like fun.
    I watch Prison Break, Heroes, The Black Donnelly's, Future Weapons, House, Dirt, LOST, Mythbusters, My Name is Earl, The Office, and Scrubs religiously.
    I hate Deal Or No Deal, The Apprentice, 1 vs 100, Extreme Makeover (either one), American Idol or any other "game" or "reality" shows and anything on MTV.
    I love music of almost all kinds, but I'm going through a metal phase right now.
    I have an iPod Shuffle and I do buy stuff from iTunes, a lot more than my wife would like, but I do like it since I can find a lot music there that I can't find in any store.
    I am a Panthers fan
    I watch Nascar, I'm a Denny Hamlin fan, and I try to go to both races at Dover and Pocono every season.
    I love snowboarding.
    I didn't care too much for bungee jumping.
    I love riding mountain bikes, not too keen on horses, though.
    I like camping, hiking, and canoing.
    I can't swim.
    I'm allergic to chrome.
    I run at least three miles a day.
    I like going bowling, but haven't gone in years.
    It was awesome have my truck buried to the windows in mud; cleaning it afterwards was a b**ch though, and I've sworn that I'll never do it again.
    I like tailgating and grilling, but can't cook, and have given myself food poisoning before.
    I do semi-custom fabrication for vehicles in my spare time, which seems to be diminishing.
    I like photography, but hate having my picture taken.
    Most interesting thing I've done so far: Bottle feeding a 5-hour old monkey.

    And finally:
    I'm a complete noob at Linux. I've tried Knoppix, then Ubuntu (LiveCD then made my laptop a dual boot). I've been using Ubuntu almost exclusively for about a month. I switched because I was sick of Windows for numerous reasons; I just haven't been able to completely liberate myself . . . yet. The closest I've come to programming is working on a web page with Nvu . . . and screwing around with GWBasic when I was in 8th grade. I do have some experience with networking (hardware/cable end of it) and have hardwired LAN drops in every room in my house, but I usually use the wireless so there aren't any cables for the cats can chew up.

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    Re: Introduction Request

    I've been on and off linux for about 5 years. Im still new. I live in central jersey.... thats about it

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    Re: Introduction Request

    Name's Henry
    Work in Clifton NJ
    Reside in the Pocono's
    Settled on Kubuntu 7x and XP
    Eventually want to learn and use Kubuntu always
    Took a few courses in college; comp sci, info tech - but that's about it
    Quick learner & enjoy messing up & then fixing my pc

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    Re: Introduction Request

    Ok, my turn?
    My name is Lou.
    36 year old in Maple Shade.
    Work in accounting.
    Run Feisty on a desktop, my notebook, and just shipped my mom a laptop with Ubuntu installed.
    My desktop is 64bit, the others are 32.
    Setup took some time on each desktop, afterwards, all was cool.

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    Re: Introduction Request

    I am Charlie, Live on Old Bridge (Middlesex County) and work in Bridgewater (Somerset County) in the Tech Field.

    I will be 38 on June 25
    I am divorced with 2 kids (17 and 10).

    I use Ubuntu 7.04 on a Pentium III (Coppermine) 833 MHz, but I am ordering a Dell e1505n Ubuntu laptop this week. I also have a 333Mhz Notebook that runs Puppy Linux, in addition to a few other old PCs around. .

    I started my Linux adventure in 2002 with a Pentium I, 166 MHz box that everyone told me to throw away, but stubbornly decided it had to have a use, I got the book Linux Weekend Crash Course by Naba Barkakati which came with Red Hat 6.2 (I think), and have had a Linux box of some kind ever since. (the P I-166 MHz box I finally recycled in Jan 2007, when the fan went and blew the processor)

    I have used many flavors of Linux; MEPIS, PC Linux, Puppy, SLAX, Mandrake/ Mandriva, RedHat/Fedora (among others), even tried Ubuntu 5.05 for a bit, and one of my favorites is Damn Small Linux (DSL) (doesn't every one carry a linux distro in there wallet ?).

    7.04, I feel, has found a good balance between FOSS and the great ease of adding proprietary software, with a mild warning. Ubuntu is high end software that doesn't require a high end PC to run on.

    Besides work, kids, commuting, and Linux, I am a Christian, and am now helping a friend start a church in Paterson, I am also a member of the Green Party.

    I recently discovered the plethora of Linux PodCasts out there, and am enjoying them a lot on I-287

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    Re: Introduction Request

    Welcome to everyone on the board. My name is Jerry I live in Newark Nj Essex County. I am new to Ubuntu been using it for about 2 weeks, but liked it so much that did get rid of XP. I am glad to see a LoCo forum for Jersey. See everyone else I know here uses Windows. I would love to contribute and be part of this NJ LoCo Team.....
    I am 40 wow how time, anyways hey I like drinking also spending time with the kids and overall just having a good time and trying to learn atleast one new thing a day.
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    Re: Introduction Request

    Hey, my names Mike, i live in Parsippany. I'm 19, i have a full time job as a PHP Programmer and I'm a Senior Network Administrator at a second job. I deal with a lot of Windows 2003 Server, and i hate active directory. I'm A+, Net+, and Lin+ certified by comptia, and have an MCSE. I love programming.

    I've done LFS, Mandrake, Mepis, XenOS, Fedora 8 Beta, and i've been using Ubuntu since Dapper. I became active on the forums when i installed Linux on my laptop, because i've encountered so many problems, i dont whitnki've ever seen before.

    I spend all my free time infront of the computer.

    Must say, i'm a fan of Mac OSX, and when i get a chance, i will definetly pick up a macbook pro.

    Nice to meet you all.
    Fluxbox, PHP, CLI, Donuts and Chocolate Milk. All i need to say.

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    Re: Introduction Request

    Im Vernon from East Orange, NJ

    Pfizer Pharmaceutical IT Manage

    Masters in Internet Security

    Ubunutu 4 Life!
    Pokey Styles
    RumShop Research, Inc.

    Never argue with and idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you on experience!

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