Thanks for the quick replies - I really appreaciate your help
I see what you are suggesting here, but I guess I was looking for something that would actually keep my white on dark theme :\
I actually took your moonglow theme and modified it a bit to make it all dark without any green, and I love it because in general white on dark is much easier on my eyes (and it goes great with my desktop picture). I could try something else with a black font, but it just wouldn't be the same I guess. I really appreaciate your help though, I couldn't have done it so quickly and easily without your how-to
Here is what my firefox ends up looking as though:

You can see how I made the theme up on top - it's all dark gray with white font. What bugs me are those dark text fields and buttons - they just look horrible on the white background. I guess this happens because firefox uses GTK buttons and text fields somehow, so I guess one of solution would be to find a different browser that doesn't do that. I'll post back if I figure it out