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Thread: Ubuntu for the blind...

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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    Installing Vibuntu...

    At the moment the Orca Screen-Reader does not support the Ubuntu Installer GUI (Ubiquity). Therefore for the time being to install Vibuntu to the hard-drive of your computer you will either need sighted assistance or you can try the following step by step instructions. N.B. These instructions will wipe your hard-drive and install Vibuntu with the English language, USA keyboard settings and the New York time zone.

    1. Press Alt+F2 to open the Run dialogue
    2. Type in the password 'orca' then press Enter
    2. Type 'ubiquity' then press Enter
    3. Press Alt+F to accept the default language (English)
    4. Press Alt+F again to accept the default time zone (New York)
    5. Press Alt+F again to accept the default keyboard layout (USA)
    6. Press Down twice then Alt+F to partition the whole disk
    7. Type in your name then press Tab
    8. Type in your username the press Tab
    9. Type in your password then press Tab
    10. Type in your password again and then press Tab
    11. Type in the name of the computer then press Tab
    12. Press space bar to select automatic login then press Alt+F
    13. Press enter to start the installation.

    N.B. You can press Alt+B to go back a step at any time, or Alt+F4 to abandon the process.

    The installation will take 10-20 minutes to complete
    When the CD and Hard-Drive has stopped spinning press Enter to restart the computer
    When the CD ejects remove it from the drive and press Enter again to restart the computer.

    If you have any problems please port in the Vibuntu thread on the Ubuntu Forums.


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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    drbongo, greetings. Word reached me by the Coconut Wireless that Vibuntu 1.0 was released. Congratulations.

    Could you post to the Vibuntu thread the required 3D card that is needed or supported for the 3D version?

    For those who wish to find the Vibuntu thread with ease, the message on the coconut wireless contained the following link: Vibuntu 1.0

    The coconut wireless also mentioned that it was responsible for the hiccup that caused three postings and apologized for the problem and added that you could delete the two duplicate posts.

    My very best wishes to you,


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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    Thanks I will attempt to delete the extra posts and check out the coconut website.


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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    Quote Originally Posted by djringjr View Post
    We are also trying to get a keyboard driven distro for the blind!

    Any help is requested especially from those who have brailler terminals.


    David Ring
    Well, technology always find a solution to make work easier and to help people. A keyboard for blind is nice.

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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    i'd like to try your ubuntu distribution with orca.
    which are the voices included?
    eloquence sapi, real speak?
    french voice?
    if eloquence sapi are not included is it possible to add new voices easily.
    is the default keyboard US?

    sorry for the newby questions, but i'm blind and and it will be my first try on a linux system.
    i use to work with window-eyes on windows xp.
    thanks in advance
    best regards

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    Re: Ubuntu for the blind...

    This might go without saying, but before you install ubuntu on a computer that's going to be using any sort of text-to-speech software, don't forget to run a live CD to ensure that audio will work.
    In most cases, even if it doesn't work out of the box it can be fixed with some work, but not all. It took me a week to get my computer to even produce any sound, and I've never been able to get headsets to work. Apparently it's a known problem with my audio card but no one seems to have a fix. For me, it's c'est la vie, but if I was using a screen reader it would be incredibly frustrating.

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