I am currently looking for any suggestion regarding a Help Desk Solution. We are a small to medium sized business with approximately 200+ AD users. Currently our help desk consists of who ever answers the phone. This works and gets the job done, however I want a more fail proof plan of action. Mainly I'm looking to keep organized, Document ALL incidents, and provide a system with less chance for human error.

I have looked into Spiceworks, and it seems great. The only issue I am seeing with Spiceworks is that it's Windows based. I am looking to avoid the license fee for Windows, but provide an AD user integration.

As for the network monitoring Spiceworks offers. I was referred over to Nagios. I have yet to test this, but am looking forward to seeing what it can do. If anyone has any other suggestions for network monitoring please let me know.

I just recently started looking into this, and am still doing homework. So if anyone has advice or suggestions. I would be more than happy to listen.

Thank you in advance!